Iridium Spark Plug

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● Platnium is used for both the center and ground electrodes.
● Milleage drivability and durability are improved by using a finer center electrode with a platinum tip.
● The structure reduce the voltage required for the positive discharges.

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Iridium Spark Plug

The center electrode is made finer for improved ignitability
● with this new supplementary gap.Resistance to fouling is improved.

● 0.7 mm diameter untra-fine iridium alloy electrode make ignitability and life have a dramatically improved.

1 D12*L19*HEX 16
3 IXU22C


EET Unique “Twin-Tip” Structure
1.1mm platinum center electrode
360 Laser welding

High Ignitability Platinum Plug

EET revolutionary Twin-Tip design is a combination of highly durable precious metals-Platinum and Titanium. The center electrode is created using an extremely durable platinum alloy that allows for the reduction of the tip size to 1.1mm in diameter, while maintaining the life of the plug. The Titanium-enhanced alloy on the ground electrode also increases durability, which is critical to minimize tip erosion and achieve the new Twin-Tip design.

Better Ignitability, Better Fuel Consumption

Superior ignitability of the EET Platinum TT means more efficient combustion, which yields better engine performance in terms of power and fuel economy. Better mileage, more power, and faster starts, all while reducing carbon emissions are what places the platinum TT heads above thecompetition. Top performance, total value.

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