Tapered Seat Spark Plug

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● This plug is the optimum design for direct fuel injection engines.
● The structure reduce the voltage required for the positive discharges.
● The center electrode is made finer for improved ignitability.

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Tapered Seat Spark Plug

● 0.7 mm diameter untra-fine iridium alloy electrode make ignitability and life have a dramatically improved.
By joining an ultra -fine iridium alloy tip on center electrode and platinum tip on ground electrode.
● Milleage drivability and durability are improved by using a finer center electrode with a platinum tip.

1 D14*L19*HEX 25
2 Chrysler’s PT Curiser,Dodge,Magnum
3 ILT16/ILT20

Improved Fuel Mileage

Even during idling ignition is assured, with less fuel consumption.

The good ignitability from the fine electode (0.4 mm) of IRIDIUM POWER draws out much more performance from the engine. Comparing a normal plug (W20FS-U) with an IRIDIUM POWER (IWF22) on a 2-cycle 50cc engine, fuel consumption improved from 41.74 km/L → 43.69 km/L, an improvement of about 5%.

Note: Mileage measured using a chassis dynamo; actual driving results under normal conditions may vary.


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